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PT Barnum – Discover Bethel Fun Facts
  • P. T. Barnum (1810–1891) was born in Bethel at 55 Greenwood Avenue.
  • The Dean of American Cartoonists, Henry Arthur Young, lived in Bethel from 1904 – 1942 and had an art gallery from 1928 – 1942.
  • Pitcher for the Boston Red Soxs, Matt Barnes, grew up in Bethel and played baseball for Bethel High School.
  • Allan J. Kellogg, who was a Medal of Honor recipient, was born in Bethel.
  • Actress Meg Ryan was raised in Bethel.
  • UFC Fighter Dan Kramer is from Bethel.
  • The Palmolive Lady, Madge, grew up in Bethel.
  • Greg Sutton, a professional soccer player, played soccer for Bethel High School.  He played for the New York Red Bulls, Montreal Impact and the Canadian National Team.
  • Maria Parloa, philanthropist and culinary expert, is considered the Martha Stewart of her time. She also donated the land for Parloa park.


Places – Discover Bethel Fun Facts
  • The Rev. John Ely House was built in 1792 and housed several significant residents including two ministers and three businessmen, including Oliver Shepard.
  • The Seth Seelye House was built in 1842 and is now the Bethel Public Library.
  • The Daniel Hickok House is, according to urban legend, the house that Benedict Arnold slept in when the British were burning Danbury.
  • Sybil Ludington rode down the top of Hoyts Hill and warned Danbury that the British were coming.
  • The Civil War Monument built on May 30th, 1892, stands at over 14 feet tall and weighs over 17 tons.
  • Duracell is headquartered in Bethel.
  • The hall above Greenwoods Restaurant was once a rolling rink, a dance hall, a high school gym and an opera house and is now apartments.
  • Putnam House used to be a lookout for trains carrying valuables to banks and ensured they were not hijacked.
  • An American Indian canoe was found in Mountain Pond.


Events – Discover Bethel Fun Facts
  • The movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road, was shot in Bethel in 2008.
  • In 1934, Rudolph Kunett started the first vodka distillery in the U.S. after purchasing rights to the recipe from the exiled Smirnoff family.
  • Wild Hogs with John Travolta and Rachel Rachel with Paul Newman were both shot in Bethel.
  • The PT Barnum Fountain at PT Barnum Square was melted down in WWII after it cracked during winter.

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