The Bethel Business Podcast

Did you ever wander around Bethel, look at the various storefronts and office buildings, and wonder “Who are they? Why are they here? What’s their story?”

Welcome to the Bethel Business Podcast.

In each episode we interview members of the Bethel Chamber of Commerce and other business owners in the surrounding area to find out their story. What products or services do they offer and why? What makes their offerings unique? How did the business come to be? And why did they make the Bethel area their home?

If you are a business owner, and are interested in being featured on the Bethel Business Podcast – click here.

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Episode 1 – Noteworthy Chocolates

Episode 2 – Bethel Tax Services and M Group Insurance

Episode 3 – Spark Arts

Episode 4 – Barts Tree Services

Episode 5 – Byrds Books

Episode 6 – Dr. Stanley Kessler DDS

Episode 7 – The Toy Room

Episode 8 – Hull Graphic Design

Episode 9 – PC Advisors




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