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Where you spend your money does matter! If every household shifted $20 a month to support local businesses, it would add over $1 million back into our local economy in just one year. In an effort to make local spending easier, we are offering a Community eGift Card program. This program is redeemable at participating Bethel businesses only. 

Gift Card Purchases:  Purchase an eGift Card for yourself, or send as a gift during the holidays, or for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.  Completely contactless, an online purchase can be made from the comfort of one’s home. There is a variety of denomination selections up to $250.00.  The purchase of the eGift Card is face value, plus a $1.00/+5% processing fee.

The recipient will receive an email letting them know that the purchaser has sent them a Community eGift Card.  A personal message from the purchaser is seen by the recipient.  The recipient is directed to a list of participating merchants, retailers and restaurants that participate in the Community eGift Card program. The purchaser receives notifications when the e-Card is delivered, opened and redeemed.

You can help rebuild our local economy and support local businesses by purchasing a Buy Local – Community eGift Card today!

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